One Day Event Package

We provide a one day coffee catering package for all kinds of events at $1.80 per pax (minimum 30 pax)!

$54 ($1.80 * 30 pax)

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One Day Event Package

Product Details

  • Minimum order for 30 pax required
  • Client will receive:
    • Coffee capsule machines and milk frother
    • Espresso and/or K-cup coffee capsules
    • Coffee creamer and sugar sticks
    • Disposable hot cups
  • For 30-49 pax, 2 coffee capsule machines and 1 milk frother
  • For 50-69 pax, 4 coffee capsule machines and 2 milk frother
  • For 70-99 pax, 6 coffee capsule machines and 3 milk frother
  • For 100-149 pax, 8 coffee capsule machines and 5 milk frother
  • Above 150 pax, 8 coffee capsule machines and 5 milk frother or 1 commercial capsule machine
  • Delipresso will cater for the no. of pax indicated plus a buffer of 20% extra capsules. E.g. 30 pax = 36 capsules provided
  • Client to purchase own fresh milk for usage of milk frother. To cater to 30 pax, client to have around 3-4 litres of fresh millk assuming everyone goes for cappuccino or latte.
  • No time limit on leasing (Delipresso’s staff to set up the required at client’s requested time and collect the inventories once client’s event ends)
  • Set up and collection duration is at 15 mins each
  • Delivery charge of $10 applicable for orders below $100, free for orders on and above $100

Terms And Conditions

  • Client to provide:
    • Minimum 1 power socket for each machine (3 pin plug)
    • Minimum table space of 1.2m x 1.2m (to place 2 machines, 1 milk frother, disposable cups, napkins and all other condiments)
    • Table (1.8m x 0.75m) with black table skirting, provided only on request and subject to availability, at no additional cost
  • Delipresso is not responsible for spills or other damages incurred during your event
  • Should you require more machines,capsules or condiments during your event, please call or email us at and Delipresso will deliver as soon as possible. Additional items will be charges based on quantity required at a corporate price plan and same delivery charges applies for each trip
  • Event may be cancelled or rescheduled if Delipresso is notified by email ( 3 days in advance from event date, at no penalty charges. Otherwise, 100% of the total package cost will not be refunded
  • If event is to be cancelled due to uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances (e.g. rainy weather for an outdoor event), Delipresso will provide a goodwill refund of 50% of the total cost
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