1 to 1 exchange for faulty machines

Free machines for corporate offices with purchase of Delipresso capsules

Dedicated after sales customer services

why coffee capsules?

  • Premium quality coffee/ espresso (only the best beans are used together with modern roasting machineries under quality assurance and quality control from Singapore)
  • Positive image (Affordable yet luxurious)
  • No refilling of coffee powder/ beans
  • Less wastage (no spilling of coffee grinds)
  • Hassle-free (less cleaning and easy to maintain machines)
  • Indulgence

Small coffee machines are available too. Please refer here.

Coffee Capsule Machines for Hotel

  • Luxurious and upscale image
  • Elevated perceive room value
  • Free leasing of machines
  • Dedicated & efficient after-sales service
  • Supporting accessories
  • Engagement events
  • Do away with instant 3-in-1 beverages


  • Indulgence for employees , clients and business stakeholders
  • Luxurious and upscale image
  • Motivates employees (enjoyable bonding tea break session)
  • Fresh, healthier, premium coffee with the convenience of capsules
  • Creative, delectable drinks can be created with Delipresso coffee machine, capsules and milk frother
  • Free leasing of machines
  • Please refer here for our available subscription plans


  • Delipresso coffee uplifts customer experience
  • Operationally easy for employees
  • Exclusive creative recipes customised for restaurants and cafes
  • Beverage solutions catered to your customer needs
  • Free machine leasing and free side support on display and beverage accessories (mugs, cups, capsules holder etc)