About Us 

Origins and Quality

Delipresso® is part of a 60-year-old establishment that has been passionately perfecting coffee craft from farm to roaster over three generations.

Through a careful selection process, only the best beans are used together with modern roasting machineries under quality assurance and quality control from Singapore.

Our quality blend distinguishes by using single-origin, 100% coffee beans from Vietnam that gives its thick, aromatic flavour.

Indulge in moments of coffee pleasures

Delipresso® capsule coffee machines and capsules are an affordable luxury for coffee lovers to satisfy the simple pleasures in life.

Ideal for homes, small offices, hotels and restaurants. Whether it's at home, at work or at play, everyone can enjoy delicious coffee anytime, anywhere.

Capsule Convenience

Delipresso® brings fresh, premium coffee with the convenience of capsules. Hassle-free for your daily dose, it's the perfect complement to modern living.