Italiano Drip Bag

Italiano Drip Bag

Saigon Moment Drip Bag

Saigon Moment Drip Bag

Connoisseur Drip Bag

Medium roasts exhibit more balanced body, flavour, acidity and aroma. An elegant, premium coffee with a hint of sweetness.

Taste: Sweet, balanced, medium roast

8 drip bags

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Connoisseur Drip Bag

Coffee drip bag is portable, convenient, best for office, home use or travel.

Net Weight: 96grams
Origin: Vietnam
Quality Assurance and Quality Control By Singapore


  • Only the best mountain grown beans are chosen and carefully roasted to the world most popular coffee styles.
  • Packed without preservatives, sugars or added flavourings.

Brewing Instructions:

  • Tear along the dotted line
  • Place the hanger onto cup
  • Pour hot water over coffee (100-200ml), wait for 1-2 minutes
  • Take out the drip bag
  • Add sugar or milk accordingly and enjoy"
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